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Our Story

The Founders Collections

Our story is a simple one and was borne out of the love for wrist watches by our founder Adekunle Adeniji and the frustration that wrist watch brands on the high streets in Nigeria department stores and online are just not affordable or easily attainable for individuals due to factors like name behind most wrist watch brands, big marketing etc. But we craved the opportunity to buy luxury watches like everyone else, and that led us to create our own Micserah watch brand.

What we have done at Micserah is, we made sure we designed very good and affordable watch models with 12 months warranty, and we decided to only sell direct to consumers via our website, social media and retail stores.

Your reaction to our collections has been nothing short of phenomenal, so watch this space as we go on to expand our affordable luxury watch collections.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to add Originality, Style and Value to your consumer experience as you browse our watch collections. Today's millennial want to be inspired and our collection right now are all the boost. Whether your searching the latest accessory trend, or want to complete a luxurious look like your favorite celebrities or you just desire to wear something stylist but less understated, Micserah is your ultimate wrist watch destination.