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Delivering quality and affordable wrist watches is a global movement to help individuals, keep track of happiness to their lives.

The Founders Collections

The idea for a watch brand came from our founder Adekunle Adeniji’s love for watches. He love watches but he knew that he is not the only one that does. But quality watches are expensive but one thing he realized is that these watches are expensive not because they are a lot expensive to make but because of the big name behind most wrist watch brands, the big marketing they do, the marketers, the retailers etc. that’s why most wrist watches are expensive.

What we have done at Micserah is, we made sure we designed a very good and affordable watch models, and we decided to only sell direct to consumers via our website and social media, therefore reducing drastically the amount we will spend on marketing and eliminate the middlemen totally.

Our product comes with 12 month warranty! If within one year of purchase your watch develops a fault, we hope you will return it. We are happy to be the first Truly Nigerian watch brand.