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Micserah is the marketplace where you easily find, buy and sell wholly Nigerian-made fashion products that you love from around and outside our shores. Our goal is to create a hub for indigenous fashion designers and makers to express creativity and innovation. We can collectively make a unique creation. We believe in Nigerian-made.

The following conditions should guide you to sell on

  • Micserah doesn’t allow listing of used fashion products.
  • Currently, Micserah prohibits sellers from listing adult-oriented products and including content in their listings.

Examples of prohibited adult products: 

Sex toys and other adult reading material; sexual enhancement equipment or devices; sexually suggestive lingerie

Micserah doesn't allow sellers to list protects that are related to "anti" or violent concepts, such as the following:

  • Products that advocate against an organization, person, or group of people.
  • Products that advocate against a protected group. Protected groups are distinguished by one of the following: race or ethnic origin, color, national origin, religion, disability, sex, age, sexual orientation, or gender identity.
  • Products that relate to attempts at changing history against the interests of a protected group.
  • Products that promote self-harm and violence against people.
  • Products that display obscene language.
  • In order to maintain a pleasant user experience for all Micserah members, we require that sellers maintain appropriate seller performance metrics.
  • Micserah monitors three main metrics to evaluate seller performance: Late Shipment Rates, product quality, and Return/Cancellation Rates.
  • Micserah doesn’t allow sellers to list products that are misrepresented. Micserah sellers are not allowed to include an inaccurate product description or knowingly leave out any material details of a product. This applies to all product features including but not limited to quality, value, price or history of the good.
  • Micserah doesn’t allow sellers to falsely represent other sellers or companies.
  • Micserah does not allow sellers to list items that provide users incorrect product availability.
  • Sellers who default in fulfilling orders twice consecutively will have their stores temporarily suspended and will be required to send an email undertaken agreeing to comply with Micserah processes and policies.
  • Micserah allows a maximum of 48 hours for sellers to fulfil orders or risk account suspension. If you will not be able to fulfil within the time given, please contact the Micserah team immediately.
  • Photography sessions for products are shot at Micserah studio.
  • Micserah will have the rights to use your images for advertising and promotional purpose.
  • Micserah doesn’t allow sellers to list products with misleading information or symbols.
  • Sellers cannot include contact information in shop profile page or product description.
  • Micserah doesn't allow sellers to list products with incorrect grammar or misspellings in title or description.
  • On Micserah, all product listings must be relevant, clear, accurate, and descriptive of the products offered.
    • To submit a complaint regarding copyrighted material, we ask that you submit a separate notice for each listing where the content appears. You may submit your complaint by sending a mail to
  • Please provide Micserah with complete information to help us investigate your inquiry.

  • Micserah Sellers remain responsible for ensuring that their product listings, products. Micserah may suspend any product listing or seller account found to be in violation of our policy.
  • Micserah doesn't allow sellers to list or promote services. Micserah only allows sellers to list physical available products.

Micserah doesn’t allow sellers to list products with the following types of improper images:

  1. Placeholder or incorrect product images.
  2. Generic images, graphics, or illustrations that are not the actual product images.
  3. Images containing obstructing content (e.g. watermarks, brand names and/or logos) that overlay the product being sold.
  4. Images that include borders.
  5. Images of a bundle that do not show the entire bundle.
  6. Images of multipack that do not display a single unit of the product.
  7. If guidelines are violated, Micserah holds the right to deactivate or restrict seller’s product listing or suspend seller’s account.
  8. As a Micserah Seller, you are always responsible for ensuring that you comply with all applicable laws and regulations, in addition to Micserah policies.